In demand skills, a Magician

Posted by Alex Massaad on

As a student in my last year of university I have many skills which keep me "in demand," but there is one skill that is keeping me far more occupied than any of the others. My business, being a magician for special events in Ottawa, has been growing steadily since I first restarted it in June 2009. Now I am at the 6 month mark and my December season has seen 8 bookings!

This increase has been linked to my my visibility on search engines and continued presence creating content on the web. Not many businesses can work online, but this has worked well for my magic. I find that most people who are finding me are just searching on google or yahoo and since September of 2009 I have appeared on the first page along with some of the best magicians in Ottawa. By continuing to write articles related to my work in magic, along with adding to the photo and video media, I will be able to continue rising in these results. I hope to have a premiere presence in Ottawa in 2010.

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