I want to be a blogger

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I have a love of writing.

Ever since I took a grade 12 class called "Writers Craft" I have been in touch with my inner auteur. I recognized that this was the perfect outlet for all my thoughts, ideas and creativity. Not to mention an excellent exercise of my vocabulary.

Reading books is one of the best ways to expand your vocabulary, so it should be no wonder that writing is a great stretch of this part of the brain. The way this relates to me, Alex Massaad, is that I wish I could write as a job.

I see this opportunity as a blogger. A futuristic author, writing for search engines and people, piecing an income together across of my own digital publishing frontier. A cyberpunk job if ever I saw one, this blogger is excited to write, and this part of my excreted brain is excited to have the name "Blogger."

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