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Posted by Alex Massaad on

I've been developing websites on Wordpress for a couple of years at this point and every time I start a new website I have to go searching for all the plugins that I frequently use. I wanted to create a list of the essential Plugins that I often install:

Broken Link Checker:
It's not good to have broken links on your site, and so even if its a minor outage, Broken Link checker can notify you.

Smart 404:
Really cool plugin that takes whatever the users typed into the url and searches your site for any matching content.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin:
A great post to group related posts together at the bottom of each article. I always use a site cache so the speed impact is minimal with a plugin like this.

Disqus Comment System:
I really haven't got anything against the built in Wordpress comment system, but I noticed I myself was more likely to join the debate on other sites when they used Disqus, well there's a testimonial I couldn't ignore! I've since put it into all my main sites to offer threaded replies, email subscription and RSS options and built in Akismet spam protection!

WPtouch iPhone Theme:
Great instant iPhoneable theme for your site. It instantly serves a different site when someone on a mobile browsers brings up your site, and it also lets you go back to the default if you want to squint!

Digg Digg:
I have begun using only three share options, Facebook like, Twitter re-tweet and Google +1. I use the default buttons after my content, idea being I want people to share content they've enjoyed not spam my content to their friends before they even read it . . .

Quick Cache:
I haven't really investigated my cache options but this one works for me. a tip from my troubles: always hit the clear cache button if you change anything in your theme widgets, I had the hardest time figuring this one out one afternoon!

Hopefully this saves some time, I know I'll be referring to this list next time I start a new website.


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