Day Hacker

Day Hacker is a 5 piece band from Ottawa who are creating, producing and self-releasing synth-heavy electronic jams.

Moog, MPC and Korg are the colours.
4x4 is the canvas. Awesome is the result.
We’re hackers by day, Day Hackers by night.
Are you a Day Hacker?

Day Hacker Zero One Album Cover


Day Hacker’s first album Zero One will be released June 8, 2016 everywhere music is streamed, sold and stolen. Day Hacker’s five are Tom Burns (MPC beats and production), Bryan Dunlay (Ableton, Moog and artwork), Alex Massaad (Ableton and mastering), Kevin Ochal (Korg and creative) and Aaron Olson (Moog and creative).

The entire album was written, recorded and produced at our downtown Ottawa office during an intense 48 hour period. We have a music practice room at the software company where we all work. It’s stocked with a PA, an electric drum kit and some other basic equipment so naturally we thought we could rush through the recording an EP for our synth band at work. That surely was the the best use of our work days.

Our high octane recording sessions started early with a big breakfast, followed by espresso and Red Bull to keep us energized.  The guttural vibrations from the Moog Sub 37 and a solid foundation of MPC beats prompted ongoing curious questions but also admiration from our coworkers during the day. We pushed on into the night with pizza and beer. After a short sleep another long day was spent delivering a few more synth soundscapes and polishing up the production. Just under 30 hours after we assembled Zero One was born.

Typically software is written and experiments are conducted at our company. Other teams must have thought we were locked away working on the next crazy algorithm while we were jamming away. We really broke the rules by creating this EP but we feel it was a worthwhile risk and hope you enjoy it!

iTunes, Spotify and Shopify links coming soon June 8, 2016.