ATAM Productions Mission Statement


The goal of ATAM Productions is to support and nurture brand new composition, and production of electronic and live music through its relationship with associated artists.

To support this goal ATAM Productions also handles the music publishing administration for Massaad + Garland, Not MJ and other Canadian artists.

We hope to provide an atmosphere that will inspire the exchange of ideas around new music and new media.

Our Principles and Values as an organization, ATAM Productions will:

  • Promote cutting edge and new musical concepts and formats;
  • Pay artists fair percentages for their work;
  • Promote access to all artists, regardless of age, class, gender, sexual orientation, or race;
  • Commit to providing artists with economically accessible services;
  • Never disclose sensitive, personal or confidential information;
  • Provide a Music Publishing and Administration service I can count on myself!