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Dirty Intuition happens in every part of everyday life.

For example when your heart skips a beat after meeting that special someone and you walk around with a strange pain in your gut that can only be alleviated by the presence of that special someone. Dirty Intuition means knowing you have to go and find that person, and knowing what to do once you find them!

These dub-hop songs have been craftily scripted and riddled with social commentary relating to personal human interactions. Dirty Intuition shall take you on a small piece of the journey that has been our life in Canada.

Dirty Dane & iNTUiT

What does having a Dirty Intuition mean to you?

We put this question to the streets and here is what they wrote back!

To be wise and innately gifted in the ancient and sophisticated art of seduction.
(D.I. would like to mention that seduction is not limited to shellfish and candle lit dinners, sometimes you simply need to whip it out!)

Amanda Jo Furrow:
It’s that feeling I get, just before I go out, knowing I should pack a supply of condoms.
(Costco always has stocks of Magnums in bulk)

Jonathan Bobryk:
Its what mothers have when they know you didn’t clean your room.
(If this is true, our mothers must have had the Dirtiest intuitions of all)

Sasha Morozova:
It’s when your intuition does all the dirty work!
(D.I. would like to add that your intuition only does the dirty work when your mind has already been in the gutter!)

Ross Cowie:
It’s like gaydar but for freaks. Everyone can get a slut, but not everyone can spot a freak. It’s on the list next to Nunchuk skills.
(D.I. thinks it is easier to Nunchuk)

Carl Langdon:
Knowing that the complimentary donuts in the hotel will be gone by the time I get my ass out of bed.
(D.I. says in this situation, call room service and have them send up a masseuse with happy endings, you will quickly forget about the donuts!)

Christian Fanning:
Sounds like an erotic spider sense maybe?
(My Spidey dick is tingling! Time to shoot a load of white sticky web)

Melissa Bumble-Beat:
Dirty Intuition means having to source out toilet paper creatively; a sock, face cloth or your left hand!
(D.I. would like to remind everyone to wash that hand afterwards!)

If you have a comment to add to this list, please email us dirty.intuition@gmail.com